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Yousuf H

Thank you Christian for your support in completing and filing my immigration application. The timely issuance of landing visa within 10 months of filing application speaks volumes about the quality of services. I'd recommend all aspiring immigrants any day. Cheers.


Christian Levi was the visa consultant for myself & family for the process of our Australian Immigration. During the course of the entire process we found Chris very approachable & available at all times for any queries. He is hands on & vastly experienced in knowing all the details of the immigration process. His know how on the required documents & their alternates is impressive. We had a great experience working with him & found him very honest, supportive & approachable. I can recommend him with confidence as a great consultant for immigration process of Australia and Canada

Farrukh Raza.

It was a great experience and pleasure to have my immigration process to Australia dealt by the case champion in his field “Christian Levi”.  In the complete process of my immigration; his approach towards my case was not only professionalism with complete knowledge but included quality and time by advising the rightful documents required by the immigration and ensuring & caring by following up with me to provide the right documents so that process is not delayed, and I am not suffering with delays by immigrations.  Chris is a person that always went out of his way to help me out achieve this goal and I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart in aiding to achieve this goal.

Sonia M. Nadeem

I have known Chris because he has helped me in getting my Canadian immigration... even now he helps me with suggestions and move-in process and with million questions. I have yet to move-in to Canada, will do so by the end of this year 2018 and I know I already have a friend aka Chris there... Thank you for all your help, motivation and kindness. I have trusted him with my original documents which he helped in getting attested while I was busy working in Dubai also he is very honest with financial transaction. He always promptly answers my questions. In my 15 years of work experience, I can easily say he is one of the most professional and genuine guy I have come across. Thank you again and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Best regards


Chris was recommended to me by my sister in law who immigrated to Australia a couple of years back.
Chris has helped my family with Canadian immigration process. We had applied through Express Entry and right from the beginning, he provided valuable insight on documents required for submission and the timelines that we had to follow. He kept us updated about all developments in our application and kept us motivated throughout the process. By virtue of his advice and thoroughness in compilation of all documents, we were able to secure a PR within one month of application.
I would say hats off to his efforts and professionalism and would without hesitation, recommend him to all those who are serious about applying for immigration to Canada or elsewhere

Mircea Dogariu

Working with Christian was a remarkable experience. I was literally surprised to discover that he was very knowledgeable about all the technicalities of the visas processes for both my fiancé and me. Step-by-step he was able to explain the whole procedure for me clearly and, to my biggest surprise he precisely anticipated every timeline and approval. Due to his rigor and meticulosity, I received my Australian permanent residency in just seven weeks from the time I submitted the Express of Interest.  Throughout my career, I've met very few people being so knowledgeable about their profession


A person who helped me when I have lost all the hopes for migration, Chris is a person who is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about his service, whether you call or ping him at midnights he is available for you even though there is huge time zone difference. He is based in Canada where clients are offshore and it’s difficult to manage especially trust factor but trust me he done a fantastic job. 

I have consulted number of immigration service providers in Dubai who are simply making money with lack of ownership. They might offer you discount for full payment or on installments but after receiving that there will be cats and mouse game. They will tell our consultant have resigned so please provide additional details


We were lucky enough to decide to have Chris from Step by Step Visas as our Immigration Consultant rather than opting for a different agency.  He has a thorough knowledge and experience which made our journey of obtaining the permanent residency very smooth. It still feels great to know that you can pop up with any kind of question related to immigration even after our process was successful and completed.  Chris would be more than happy to guide us. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.  Best of luck

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